Company Overview

Innovation, tenacity, vision and equity are key drivers that have shaped Dallas ISD into one of the area’s most prominent and forward-looking school districts. Advances such as pay for performance, college and career education programs and public school choice—all of which began more than a decade ago—are taking the district to the next level.

Our evolution is grounded in a strong focus on correcting historic injustices and ensuring that all students are served fairly.  Dallas ISD is dismantling inequities through budget reallocations, unconscious bias training for staff, advocacy for digital access in underserved communities and increased diversity in our teacher ranks. We are proud of our award-winning schools, outstanding teachers and staff, committed parents and volunteers who comprise the dedicated team that serves approximately 145,000 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, in 230 schools, served by 22,000 dedicated professionals.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Dedication runs strong throughout the Dallas Independent School District with more than 19,000 employees working toward realizing our vision of becoming the best urban district in the United States. To truly impact the lives of students and govern our day-to-day actions, the Dallas Board of Trustees adopted its core beliefs and Principles of Public Service for the district to follow. These principles and beliefs serve as a guidepost to everything we do.

Dallas ISD seeks to be a premier urban school district

Educating all students for success

Start Your Journey With Dallas ISD

If you would like to work in a school district that is innovativediverse, and focused on your professional growth, then consider applying to teach at Dallas Independent School District. Dallas ISD is the 2nd largest school district in Texas, serving over 150,000 students. Dallas ISD prides itself in outperforming the state and continues to be on the cutting edge of educational opportunities. Join our community of educators and administrators who bring diverse skills and experience as we strive to become the premier urban school district in the country.

Our Students Need Great Teachers
As a teacher in Dallas ISD, your impact goes far beyond the students sitting in the desks of your classroom. For many students, just having an adult who believes in them can be life changing. When a teacher works with a student to help them realize their goals, you build the confidence needed for them to go out and achieve great things.

In order for students to be engaged at all times in the classroom, we need teachers who are willing to go beyond the lesson plan and make learning an interactive, dynamic experience. By focusing on improving the quality of instruction, and committing to the development and continuous support of those leading our classrooms, our students reap the rewards by being better prepared to achieve success.

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