Company Overview

And this is no small feat. Our ambition is to enable a secure and trusted environment for citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as payconnect, travel or access public or private spaces), in the real as well as digital worlds. Today, information travels rapidly around the digitized space, defying boundaries and breaking the traditional codes of security. Our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions enabling convenience and a frictionless experience whenever and wherever security matters.

Being a leader means staying on top of the disruptive innovations that impact our security landscape. We understand the need to secure people in both their physical and digital worlds, especially as connectivity growth will keep fostering more and more digital services.
We know that in our globalized society, the number of peer-to-peer exchanges, travel and border crossings are exploding. We are aware that the digitalization of the economy brings about a wave of new business models and opportunities to reinvent the customer journey where data, security and privacy have an essential role to play. We are also mindful of the consumerization of technology and how it impacts our identity and private life.

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Idemia Identity & Security USA LLC
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