Company Overview

A Place to Call Home

MWH Constructors recognizes and supports the growing emphasis employees are placing on family and the desire to put down roots in the communities we live and work in. We have developed regions of work in the United States where we have several projects underway and are actively bidding and winning more work for the future.

Having numerous projects in the same general region offers employees the opportunity for both career growth and stable employment without having to uproot themselves or their families every few years.

“Moving to where the work is” was the mantra of the construction industry for decades. At MWH Constructors, we believe that mantra should be an exception and a choice rather than the rule.

We currently have regions centered in Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Orlando, Florida, and Southern California.

An Employer of Choice: Individualized Career Paths

Many employers provide their employees with general career path options. MWH Constructors is different in that we work with each of our employees to put together a detailed career path that meets their individual needs and goals for the future.

These career paths include not only options for the next position within our company, but also look at what types of skills and experience the employee needs to gain and develop to meet their ultimate goal. Plans also include training and education options both in the classroom and in the field.

We also ensure we stay connected when an employee departs the company, in case future projects or positions may be a good fit for their needs. We always plan their possible return path to MWH Constructors.

Company Summary
MWH Constructors
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